Korngold's houses

The house where Korngold was born in Brno (then Bruenn in Moravia) now the 2nd city in the Czech republic. The building is today a major Bank.
His parents lived on the 2nd floor, in this building. Today it is Koliste 1, in 1897 it was Francenglacis 1. The plaque is outside next to the main front door


Here is Korngold's house in the Wahring district of Vienna at 35 Sternwartestrasse, where he lived from 1928-1938 and again, briefly in 1949-51.
Two views of the house plus two of the plaque, erected in 2005. The garden view of the house shows the 1st floor music room where Korngold composed.



Schloss Hoeselberg
Photos and comments by Brendan G. Carroll


Korngold's house
(Photo by Bernhard Vischer)

The Plaque on former residential house of Erich Wolfgang Korngold
(Photo by Bernhard Vischer)