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Author : Bill Wrobel

SEA WOLF mini cue

The following is a mini-cue rundown of Korngold's atmospheric score
to SEA WOLF. This Warner Brothers movie stars Edward G. Robinson as
Capatin Wolf larsen, Ida Lupino, and John Garfield. I studied the
score very briefly at USC-Warner Bros Archives several years ago.
However, my notes are not complete. I apologize for this, but perhaps a
few readers of the Korngold Society will find this partial summary of
some value regardless. In a future submission, I will have a far more
complete rundown of Korngold's "Prince & the Pauper."
Besides the "Main Title," there are no cue titles given in the
fully orchestrated sheets. I will attempt to give some descriptive
titles within these brackets { }

"The Sea Wolf"
 [1] Reel 1 part A. "Main Title" 3/2 meter in the key signature of
D min(1 flat). Orchestrated by Ray Heindorf.
Initial instrumentation: 2 flutes, 2 alto saxes, 2 oboes, 2 bassoons,
tenor sax, 4 Bb trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, timp., snare drum, gong, 2
harps, novachord, piano, celeste, 12 vlns, 4 violas(VC), 4 celli, 3
In Bar 1, the horns/tpts/trombones play ff(fortissimo)the D half
notes under the sforzando(force accent)symbol. Tpts and horns I, II, IV
play Line 1 register D, while horns III, V, VI play an octave below.
Pos(trombones)play on D(d).
In Bar 2, they play up to the A half notes sforzando tied to
quarter notes. the horns are silent until after the half rest mark in
Bar 3. After an 8th rest, the tpts/Pos/alto saxes/tenor sax play
rinforzando( > )the Bb staccato 8th up to the F half note sforzando tied
to dotted quarter next bar. After an 8th rest in Bar 3, the
brass(including horns)play the B minor half note chord(notes
B/D/F#)sforzando. Horns play it 1st inversion(D/F#/B). Then the tpts
play up to the F# maj 2nd inversion(C#/F#/A#)half note chord tied to
half and quarter notes next bar, descres to cresc ff( > < ff). Horns
play on the F#/A# dyad; flutes join in on C#; alto saxes on C#/F#, etc.
In Bar 4(now 4/2 time), the violins join in playing bowed trem Line
2 C#/F#/line 3 C# whole notes tied to 8ths(followed by 8th/quarter/half
rest marks). Viole play the F#/A# dyad(once again, the F# maf total
sound). The S.D. is rolled pp < ff.
After three half note rests, VC/CB/piano/novachord/Pos play a
dissonant cluster of half notes tied to whole notes in Bar 5(now 2/2
time). So we find CB playing the D half note played fp, tied to whole
note next bar. Celli play F/Ab/Bb. Novachord plays D/F/Ab, Bb,C/C.
Timp is rolled on D sfz > ppp. Pos play F/G# and Bb/D dyads. Etc.
In Bar 5, the harps play a rising to falling gliss movement of 32nd
notes D/E/F/G#/Ab/Bb/C/D. Etc etc.
[2]R1/B. Allegro(Ghostly)in 3/4 time. Key sig of D min again(one
flat). Orchestrated by Hugo Friedhofer. Seques from the Main title.
In Bar 1, vlns II and viole play p(piano level)Line 1 D(d')dotted
half notes bowed trem. After an 8th rest, pizz celli and Fag
II(Bassoon)and marimba play rising staccato 8th notes D-Eb-A-Ab-Eb(the
Eb is rinforzando-marked). After two quarter rests, harp II plays mf Ab
up to Eb 8th notes(Eb is accented rinforzando & staccato).
In Bar 2(now C time)the viole and vlns II play the D whole note
bowed tremolo. After an 8th rest, the pizz VC/Fag II/marimba play
rising 8th notes D-Eb-A-Ab-Eb-Db-Ab(the last three notes are
rinforzando-marked). After a half rest, harp II plays A-Eb-Db-Ab 8th

In Bar 3(now 2/4 time)the C>F>(contra bassoon)plays pp on the D
half note. Horns I & II are stopped p on D quarter notes(octave
apart0tied to 8ths and 16ths. Harp I plays octave ranges of the D
quarter notes(DD, D, d, d'). Then a short gliss from d' to d''. Viole
are bowed trem pp on half notes D(d' d''). VC I is bowed trem pp on D
notes also(d, d'). VC II play rising bracketed "3" triplet 8th notes
D-D#-E to F-G-A. CB plucks pizz the D(d)8th.

Violins II(with the oboe), after an 8th triplet value rest, plays
D(d''')triplet value quarter note bowed trem, then triplet value notes A
quarter down to D(d'')8th. Vlns I(and flutes)play pizz notes
A/D(d''')8ths(between two 8th rests)to triplet value 8th dyads
E/A-rest-A/D. Bass clarinet plays the rising triplet notes as VC II>
Xyl & bells play the pattern of Vlns I.
Etc etc.

[3] R1/C. { "Hey, you!"} Grave misterioso in 3/4 time. Key sig of
Eb min(six flats). Orchestrated by Hugo Friedhofer.
Marimba/pizz vlns II/pizz VC play p staccato 8th notes
Bb-Cb-A-Db-Bb-D. Repeat next bar. Violas play the Eb
min(Eb/Gb/Bb)dotted half note chord tied to next bar. Bass clar plays
lowest Eb dotted half note tied to next bar. Horns I & II play Bb
notes(octave apart). The Hammond Organ plays the Eb min chord(lower
staff)and notes A/Cb/Eb/Gb/Bb(top staff). The gong sounds pp. Harps
play various 8th notes. Trombones play the Eb/Gb/A/B notes. Etc etc.

[4] R1/D Poco Sost in 3/2 time. Orch by Hugo Friedhofer.
After a half rest, vlns I are harmonics pp on notes E(e'', e''')tied
to next bar. The harp struns mp lowest E quarter notes. celli are
"poco marc"on E dotted half to B quarter. CB play on E(E, e). Bass cl
plays poco marcato the lowest E up to B quarter(tied to whole note next
After an 8th rest in Bar 2, clar I plays p "poco marc" lowest E
quarter tied to E quarter up to G half to D quarter to(Bar 3)C half up
to G half, etc. Violas also play these notes. Etc.

[5] & [6] R1/E-2/A {"Out of the Port!"} Allo in 6/8 time. Orch by
Milan Roder.
Fast downward 16th note movement of the violins. Horns I & III are
accented first on Gb. Sord tpts join in at the end of Bar 3. Etc.

[7] R2/B {"He's Dying"} Allegro in C. Key sig of D min(1 b). Hugo
Friedhofer orchestrated.
Novachord plays what appears to be a Bb Dom 7th 1st inv(actual notes

D/F/Ab/Bb/D, F/Ab/Bb/D)whole note chord tied to next three bars. Vlns
are bowed trem: vlns II = divisi Ab/D half notes down to G/C# 8th; vlns
I = non-divisi Bb/D bowed trem dyad to Bb/E 8th. Etc. Clarinets and
bassoons are harmonic trill(notated like a fingered trem). Flutes and
bass clar play a rapid passage, etc etc.

[8] R2/C {"You Still Feel Like Refusing?"} Allegro Brutale in
C. Orch by Hugo Friedhofer.

[9] & [10] R3/A. {Captain's Headache} "Poco Lento, Painful" in 4/8
and(Bar 2)3/8 time. After a 16th rest,the marimba plays 16th notes
"staccato but marcato"rising in Bar 1 to(Bar 2)falling. Repeat next 2
bars. So we find G#-B-D-F#-G#-B-D-F# to(Bar 2)falling 16ths
D-B-G#-F#-D-B. The vibe also plays the notes. Bass clar plays the
rising 16ths in Bar 1 only. Vlns are bowed trem; viole are finger trem
ponticello. Etc.

[11] R3/B {"Cookie Told Me To Clean Up In Here"} No dialog for the
longest time. Lento misterioso in C. Orch by Hugo Friedhofer. Strings
are sordini("tutti gli archi con sordini"). Bass clar sounds the lowest
D whole note. After a quarter rest, the bassoon plays the F dotted half
note tenuto tied to next bar. The C F plays the A tied to next bar.
After a half & quarter rest, sordini forns play pp the D quarter tenuto
to(Bar 2 in 3/4 time)C# quarter tied to 8th. Alto flute also plays the D
quarter, etc. The vibe strikes pp on the D quarter(tied to Bar 2)on D
half. The C# is struck in Bar 2 as well. The novachord plays 8th notes
on flute stops. Vlns are bowed trem("div-trem e legato"). Etc etc.

[12] R4/A {"Cookie, what are you doing in here?!"} Allegro in C.
Orch by H.F. The harp is arpeggiando(rolled chord)on 8th notes
Eb/G/C/Db/G/C. CB is pizz on the Eb 8th. VC play Eb/C/G(C min sound).
Viole join in. Vlns I play, after a 16th rest, 16ths notes middle
C-C-Db up to C(c'')quarter tied to 8th, then Dd quarter to D 8th up
to(Bar 2 in 3/4 time)C(c''')whole note to B quarter tied to(Bar 3 in C
time)whole note. The flute also plays the B quarter to whole notes.
Etc etc.

[13] R4/B {Need For Blood Transfusion} Listesso tempo in 3/4 time.
Hugo Friedhofer orchestrates. Sordini horns and marimba sound the G/Bb
dotted half note dyad. The harp is arpeggiando on 8th notes
F#/C/E/G/Bb. Viole/VC II/CB are pizzicato. Cls and bass cl sound a
passage. Etc.

[14] R4/C. {"Same Type of Blood"} Seque from last cue. Dolce in
3/4 time. H.F. orchestrates. In Bar 1, the harp plays an ascending
gliss on E maj starting on note B(B). VC/CB play p on tenuto B quarter
tied to next two bars. In Bar 2, flute I plays a solompassage for three
bars of C# dotted quarter down to F# 8th down to B quarter, etc. In Bar
3, clarinet I joins in on the solo passage starting with rising 16th
notes, crescendo. In Bar 5, the alto flute takes over the melody line.
Also in Bar 5, the marimba is rolled between dotted half notes
D/Eb(repeat next bar). Sord horn II plays rinforzando D note tied to
next bar. Violins play various trill notes; viole play ponticello bowed
trem. Etc.

[15] R5/B Modto in C. Key sig of D maj/C min(two sharps). Viole &
celli start on the G/B quarter note rinforzando dyad. Harp is
arpeggiando on A/A/G/B 8th notes. Horn I and bassoon play the melody
line. Etc.
 (skipping cues. No data)
[23] Lento in 3/4 time. Orch by Ray Heindorf. Violins I are bowed
trem pp on lowest Bb dotted quarter to C 8th up to Bb quarter tied to
next bar. two viole also play on Bb to C. Harp Ii sounds pp on Bb 8
quarter just below middle C. Alto flute follows the violins I line. In
Bar 2, harp II plays G#/D/F quarter notes. Etc.

[24] R7/B { Fight} Allo molto in 2/4 time. Orch by Milan Roder.
The piano and bass clar play sf descrescendo( > )descending 32nd notes
F-E-D-C, Bb-Ab-Gb-F to(Bar 2)E8th(for piano)and D 8th(for bass clar).In
Bar 2, the cellio play repetitive 16th notes E-F-E-C, E-C-E-C#(repeat
next bar). Bass drum is rolled. The novachord sounds. Etc.

[25] R 7/C {"Van Weyden, are you down there?"} The stopped horns
are accented and held fermata(joined by the clarinets on dyad A/B).
Then sordini trumpets sound sforzando and held fermata. The marimba is
rolle don whole notes A/B. Then the xylo and vibe sound on Eb/F. Etc.
(skipping cue [26] Headache, etc. No data)

[28] R8/B. Modto in C. Cl I/Fag I/vlnsVC/CB play mp a passage of
Eb down to Bb 8ths to quarter notes C-G-A, etc. Vibe strikes p on Eb
dotted half note sforzando. Etc. No dialog in this short cue.

[29] & [30] R8/C { Laughing } Allo in 2/2 time. Orch by Milan
Roder. Cls/bass cl/strings play a rapid figure. Fags and E.H. join in
mid-bar. In Bar 4, the piano is solo with VC II on staccato 8th notes,
senza pedal. Viole and VC I are bowed trem on D# minor(D#/F#/A#). Etc.

Completed Monday, Dec 25 2000 2 pm
Copyright Bill Wrobel

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